A Successful Installation

Our current rotary car dumper installation, that started on March 6, was completed on schedule.  During the eight (8) week outage, we installed a new dumper barrel, trunnions, sill beams, grizzly, HPU and hydraulic car clamps, drive bases, pinions and reducers.  Replacing the existing dumper has provided ease of maintenance and machine longevity.  The new hydraulic car clamps are now easy to service and the new drive bases corrected multiple, persistent maintenance issues.  The dumper is running smoothly and successfully.  See our video below.


Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Plant Upgrade

What happens to your garbage after you throw it out?

Our engineered control systems can now turn it into energy!

Richmond Engineering just finished a control system update for a Refuse Derived Fuel ( RDF) plant. In many parts of the United States, household garbage is dumped in a landfill and covered up.  Richmond Engineering has recently been working with utilities to turn trash into energy; we've developed controls for plants to separate recyclable material such as aluminum, steel, glass, and paper cardboard from their waste. 

RDF typically consists of using combustible components such as waste materials that are non recyclable plastic, paper cardboard, and labels. After sorting the recyclable and non recyclable material,  the non recyclable/waste material is burned in a combustor. The resultant heat is used to create steam for heating in local facilities such as, schools and hospitals. Another use of this heat is the process steam for a manufacturer of sandpaper. During the summer, when there is a low heat demand, the extra steam is used to service and spin steam turbines that generate electricity. Our designs are intended to recycle the useful materials as well as create steam and electricity from the heat of the waste material. This process is also a good alternative rather than sending waste to the landfill.

If you are interested in this process, please contact our Minnesota Office.



Pictured is the original control system. It was unreliable, unsafe, and would often trip the plant causing there to be downtime and damage.

The next two pictures are the new controls that were installed this winter.

The final task is updating the Window's XP computers.


Refuse Derived Fuel
Refuse Derived Fuel
RDF Screens

Rotary Car Dumper Installation Spring 2017

Our current Rotary Car Dumper installation process began on March 6th.

Here are a few pictures of the progress that has been made so far.

End Rings
Unloading the End Rings from truck. End Rings are shipped in 3 sections that are put together in the field.
End Rings
Both end rings put together.
Standing the second End Ring. This is the entry end ring where the Train Car enters.
pipe truss and end rings
2 standing end rings along with one bottom pipe truss.
Platen and three pipes
The platen has been set and the top pipe truss has been assembled as well.
Spill Wall
Bringing the spill girder in through the end ring to set into place.


End Ring Sections
The exit end ring is completed and being removed from the table. The entry end rings are in sections and will be moved to the table to be assembled.
Standing End Ring
Standing the first end ring up. This is the exit end ring.
standing rings
Exit and entry end rings are standing.
platen and 2 pipe trusses
The spill side pipe truss has been added and bringing in the platen.
Blocking wall
The crane is preparing to lift the spill girder into place.
spill girder
The spill girder has been set into place.


Stay tuned for more progress of our Spring Rotary Car Dumper

Check Us Out at Electric Power Expo in Chicago

Richmond Engineering is coming to Chicago April 10th through the 12th for the 19th Annual Electric Power Expo.

McCormick Place West, Hall 1 – 2301 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60616

Check out booth #109 along with two REW representatives.

Tradeshow Booth

Richmond Engineering Works teams up with Conductix-Wampfler to supply rail car dumper positioner system for an Atlantic Coast Terminal

Richmond Engineering Works teams up with Conductix-Wampfler to supply rail car dumper positioner system for an Atlantic Coast Terminal.

Richmond Engineering Works completes stacker/reclaimer and ship loader modernization using Conductix-Wampfler Motor Driven Cable Reels