Upgraded & Re-engineered Replacement Parts

REW is an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier of OEM Parts for ALL Types of Bulk Material Handling Equipment.

Richmond Engineering Works has the in-house engineering capabilities to supply your bulk material handling machines with spare and replacement parts along with onsite service for breakdowns and inspections. We offer mechanical, structural and electrical upgrades and parts for our own machines as well as competitor equipment.

REW offers many standard parts on competitors’ equipment. Where possible, parts will be re-designed and upgraded using the latest technology to provide additional machine life, capacity, and reliability.

Having spare parts in inventory for key components is critical to the productivity and maintenance of your machine. We can provide spare parts recommendations so that you are always prepared and can eliminate or reduce costly downtime.

As upgrades and installations of new equipment are completed by REW, we continue to support our customers with OEM parts and service. We are available 24/7 for all your parts and service requests. We provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for all of your bulk material handling equipment. We pride ourselves on high quality products and superior customer service.


Parts for the following machines have been provided:

Barney Drum Gear
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Ash Handling Systems
  • Barge Haul Systems
  • Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimers
  • Clamshell / Grab Bucket Unloaders
  • Continuous Barge Unloaders
  • Conveying Systems
  • Grapple Cranes
  • Railcar Positioners
  • Rake Reclaimers
  • Rotary Car Dumpers
  • Ship Loaders
  • Trash Rakes


Railcar Truck Locks

Newly Designed Pivot Wheel for Continuous Barge Unloader

Dumper Drive Chain & Clamp Chain

Barney Drum & Gear

Continuous Barge Unloader Buckets

Rope Guide Roller

Positioner Laser & Bumper

Travel Truck Equalizers for Stacker Reclaimer

Mill Motor for Gantry Crane

Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

Railcar Positioner Drum & Reducer

Gear Racks

Draft Gear

Guide Rollers

Stacker Travel Gearbox Motor Brakes

Line Shaft

Rotary Car Dumper End Right Rail

Rotary Car Dumper End Ring Rail Repair Section

Trunnion Wheels for Rotary Car Dumper

Keeper Bars & Hold Down Brackets