Rail Car Holding Devices

Richmond Engineering Works offers a wide selection of train / railcar holding devices from 10,000 lbs (44 kN) to 150,000 lbs (667 kN) holding capacity. We will work with your specifications to provide the exact holding devices for your particular requirement. They can be activated either mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically; whichever is best for your specific application.

With total control to sequencing railcars, train holding devices can improve cycle time with repeatable, precise positioning of the railcars.

Railcar Holding Devices include:

● Holding Arms - Used to secure trains while rotating during dumping operations.

● Truck Locks - Positioned in front and back of railcar wheels to stabilize movement during dumper rotation.

● Wheel Grippers - Holds railcars secure and steady while the positioner is returning to position the next railcar and secures railcars throughout the rotation of the dumper. Wheel grippers are mounted on the inside and outside of the rails and function by "gripping" the train wheels from both sides.

● Retarders - Controls the speed of the railcars. Retarders are mounted on the inside rails and apply pressure to decrease the railcar's speed. They are located in the platen of a rotary car dumper or on the entrance and exist ends of the dumper.

Holding Arm
Holding Arm - 150,000 lbs (667 kN) holding capacity - Mechanically operated.
Retarders - Air operated. Generous mis-spotting capability. Holding capacities up to 20,000 lbs (89 kN).
Wheel Grippers
Model 50 Wheel Grippers - Air actuated. Holding capacities up to 50,000 lbs (222 kN).