Design & Supply

Bulk material handling engineering is the design, fabrication and installation of equipment used in bulk material handling systems for the transport or storage of various materials such as coal, grain, iron ore, woodchips, fertilizers, limestone, phosphate, potash, aggregate, cement, alumina, fly ash and titanium.  Richmond Engineering Works provides design, engineering and supply of bulk material handling systems to upgrade an existing system or to replace a complete system with all new structural, mechanical and electrical components.  Our engineers will design your updated or new system to meet all your specific requirements while incorporating the latest technology.  A cost effective solution will be provided that will increase productivity and extend machine life.

We can evaluate your current system and provide you with recommendations on how to improve or rework your system so that maximum efficiency is maintained and product output is increased.  Our design team will engineer all improvements and be sure to meet all your precise needs.  Customer success is our goal.

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