Electrical / MCC Buildings

ROGC custom designs MCC buildings (electrical building/control rooms, etc.) to meet your site’s specific needs. Buildings are built to meet state building codes with proper insulation and safety devices and can include stamped drawings. Designs include incoming switchgear, MCCs, PLC panels, power distribution, UPS systems and network cabinets.

ROGC also supplies fully assembled electrical buildings for ease of installation and reduced startup time. Completed in our own panel shop, each building is quality checked and a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) performed to ensure all components operate according to customer specifications before delivery to site.

ROGC uses leading manufacturers’ products such as, Allen Bradley, ABB, Eaton, Hoffman, etc., to outfit the buildings with the proper equipment needed for a site’s requirements. Our years of experience and training allows us to easily integrate different manufacturer’s products together such as starters, VFDs, PLCs and HMIs.

Upgrades and Features may include:

  • Upgrade from electrical components being located on an outdoor shelter to consolidated into a climate controlled MCC building.

Benefit: Moisture and temperature greatly affect the performance and longevity of electrical components.  By installing them in a climate-controlled building, those issues are resolved as well as providing a safer environment for personnel to perform maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • MCC buildings are typically larger than panel shelters and are designed for future expansion in mind. Expansions are easier to accommodate as there is typically extra wall space available for mounting equipment and additional conduit/cable entry space to facilitate the added equipment.