Panel Shop

Electrical Control Panels:

Richmond Engineering Works offers a fully outfitted panel shop. We can engineer, design, and construct electrical control panels to suit any application. Each enclosure is quality checked  in-­house and a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) can be performed on each panel to ensure that it operates according to specification before it leaves our shop.  Having our own dedicated panel shop ensures that our customers receive control panels of the highest quality in a timely manner.

Electrical Houses (E-Houses) & Operator Cabs:

REW assembles E-houses and operator cabs in our panel shop as well.  The basic structure, which is normally stainless steel, arrives and we install, wire and program all of the PLC, HMI, Drive and Control panels to our customers' specifications.  All electrical panels are wired and tested before they leave for the site.  Installation days / hours can be reduced due to the E-houses and operator cabs being pre-wired and tested.  The structure is climate controlled and corrosion resistant for durability and extended life.,  Upgrading to a new E-house or operator's cab can provide ease of maintenance and troubleshooting with equipment centralized in one location.