Oil & Gas Controls (ROGC)

Richmond Oil & Gas Controls (ROGC) provides economical, cost-saving designs and solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry, including compressor stations, well pads, pipeline valve sites and other related facilities. Our personnel’s extensive experience allows us to provide electrical, structural, and mechanical engineering and design incorporating leading-edge technology and quality products to facilitate increased production for your specific site conditions and specifications. With engineered services and solutions, your operation will work more efficiently hence improving throughput and reducing downtime.

Our team’s years of experience gives us the ability to be knowledgeable on multiple types of control systems as well as a vast knowledge of products used throughout the industry. Our close working relationship allows us to use past experiences to better provide a more efficient solution for today’s challenges.

We offer the following for the Oil & Gas Industry:

Electrical, Structural & Mechanical Design & Engineering (click for more details)
• System Upgrades
PLC & HMI Programming (click for more details)
• VFD Integration & Startup
Control Room Design & Build (click for more details)
Calibrations (click for more details)
• 24/7 Troubleshooting/ Call-Out Service
• Construction Support
• CAD & Drafting Services
Panel Building (click for more details)
Structural Fabrication (click for more details)
• Network and Security Design

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