Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

From simple push-button and switch replacements, to complete SCADA systems, Richmond Engineering Works can custom engineer an HMI solution to suit all of your plant floor and machine control needs.

  • Environmentally Sealed Touchscreen Controllers place complete control and full information at the user's fingertips.
  • Alarm Messages warn operators of problems before they occur.
  • Operator Help Messages assist users with pop-­up instructionals, system training, and corrective action messages.
  • Active Graphics fill, scale, rotate, and change color to verify status.
  • Animation Screens show motion and position.
  • Statistical Process Control Features monitor and adjust any process to ensure that it remains within its specifications.
  • Recipe and Batch Management Screens allow users to create a master recipe and permit on­line adjustments to be made without shutting down the process.
  • Data Logging and Historian functions give management historical and real-time reports of machine and process statistics.

We have experience with HMI development packages from:

  • Rockwell Automation RSView32, RSView Enterprise, RSBizware, PanelBuilder, and more
  • Invensys® Wonderware®
  • General Electric (GE) Intellution iFIX® and Cimplicity™
  • Iconics Genesis32™
  • Parker Automation CTC Interact HMI