2017 Bulk Material Handling Projects

It has been a busy and eventful 2017 with the installation of three new rotary car dumpers, two with end rings in and one with end rings out. One rotary car dumper included mechanical car clamps vs hydraulic car clamps which is what REW has implemented on previous rotary car dumpers.

Our team traveled out West twice during the year. The first trip out West took place in the spring to perform some mechanical upgrades to a Rotary Car Dumper. The plant transitioned from steel train cars to aluminum. Prior to any work, a study was conducted on the counterweights and drives due to the transition of higher capacity cars. New counterweights were installed and the spill wall was modified, along with a few structural repairs, and adjustments to the car clamps.

The second trip out West was for an electrical upgrade at a different power plant. This upgrade consisted of a new transformer and MCC, electrical drives for their positioner arm, entry holding arm, and exit holding arm drives. The PLC system was upgraded along with the HMI system.

A railcar positioner upgrade installation with a new runway, positioner arm and carriage modification, side from a mechanical upgrade was completed in December.

Aside from working on Rotary Car Dumpers, Stacker Reclaimers kept us busy as well this year. REW finished an ongoing project from 2016 by replacing the existing bucket wheel gear box with a new planetary unit. Another Stacker project included an installation of a new hinge pin. The final Stacker project of the year included the re-installation of the slew drives and change out of the pinion gear on the travel truck.

A number of inspections were performed this year on Rotary Car Dumpers, Positioners, Stacker Reclaimers, and Ship unloaders.

We are grateful for the many opportunities and thank you for your continued support. We look forward to our ongoing development of our customer relations in working with everyone in 2018. For more information contact Richmond Engineering Works at 412-787-9640.Bulk Material Handling