Rotary Car Dumpers / Coal Wagon Tipplers

Richmond Engineering Works offers complete state-of-the-art engineering, fabrication, and installation of Rotary Railcar Dumpers / Coal Wagon Tipplers. Typically, we design Dumpers for US train cars that weigh between 280,000 and 315,000 pounds. Also for a 3,500 TPH and 35 to 45 second cycle time. Our designs are innovative and include the latest technological advances. There are major components such as end rings, clamps, and rear trusses that are pre-assembled for fit up prior to shipping for ease of assembly. The material undergoes many inspection points by REW personnel before it is shipped to site. We offer various options such as, rack and pinion drive, chain drive, and hydraulic clamp or gravity mechanical clamp systems. 

In addition to supplying completely new dumpers, we provide structural, mechanical and electrical inspections and upgrades to enhance your existing dumper for extended life while incorporating the latest technology.

For additional information, please review our Railcar Dumper Brochure.

Upgrades and Features may include:


  • Dumper Drive Conversion from NEMA D two-speed motors to new VFD speed control with new motors and brakes.

  • Brake Upgrades to replace DC brakes. This will provide for smoother stopping with less shock to the dumper drive train and extend the life of the dumper and brakes.

  • A new PLC Control System to replace the old electro-mechanical relays and timers.  This will increase system throughput and assist in system diagnostics.

  • A new HMI System which will give the plant and the operator better control of the rotary car dumper and the ability to monitor the condition of the machine.

  • Upgrade to new Digital DC Drives for haulage, positioner arm, or holding arm.

  • New Redundant Hydraulic Power Units for car clamps, wheel clamps or truck locks.

  • Encoders/Position Lasers for dumper, positioner arm, and positioner carriage. This will allow better and safer control of the equipment and help prevent crashes.

  • Video Systems for monitoring positioner arm and holding arm (to verify train spotting before lowering arm). Video “Hobo” cameras to check railcars prior to dumping.

  • High hopper-level monitoring with Radar or Laser Sensors. This will prevent dumping in the event of high hopper levels and avoid damage to the dumper and railcars.

  • A new dumper Grizzly Lighting System will properly illuminate the grizzly area and give the operator a better view and control of operations.

  • New/Replacement Dumper Cabs and Operator Chairs with arm-mounted dumper controls. This will save cab space.

  • Replacement of mechanical switches on the car clamps with ‘GO’ Switches. The ‘GO’ switches have no moving parts unlike the mechanical switches.

  • Photoelectric Sensor Array to prevent unauthorized entry while the car and engine are moving.

  • Remote Controlling of the locomotive with radio controls will enable fewer workers to operate more efficiently.

  • When budgeting is an issue, using state-of-the-art digital DC drives to control the generator fields is a less expensive way of upgrading control of the rotary car dumper.

  • New dumper rear access platform on the return side which allows easy access to maintain the electric and hydraulic systems even if a car is on the dumper.
  • Hydraulically operated clamping system with breakaway clamp heads.  Designed for easier maintenance.  A crane or partial roof removal is not required to change clamp hydraulic cylinders.

  • Quick Change Trunnion Assembly, US Patent No. 10,364,107 B2, which allows the dual equalized trunnion wheels to be removed from the equalizer assembly while the other wheel, equalizer and base remain in place.  There is no need to attempt to pull a pin.  The wheel support bracket can be easily removed by removing the connection bolts and a new precision machined wheel assembly can be installed.
  • Rack Lock Assembly with manual lever arm to engage the rack lock and manual locking pin providing an easy and safe way of securing the dumper for maintenance.

  • Return Bumper Stop with shock absorbing hydraulic buffers incorporated to minimize impact from any unexpected over travel conditions.  Designed to absorb the energy from an uncontrolled high-speed return of the dumper and thereby safely stopping and minimizing damage to the dumper.

Rotary Car Dumper End Rings

coal car

Quick Change Trunnion Assembly

Rack Lock Assembly for Dumper
Return Bumper Stop for Dumper