Magnetic Separator Installations

Richmond Engineering Works engineered and provided turnkey installation of two (2) newly designed magnetic separators and structures.  The goal was to remove tramp iron from the incoming coal conveyor as material is transported from their REW Rotary Car Dumper to the stock yard.  The magnetic separators were designed to help protect equipment further down the line on the coal handling system and increase personnel safety.

REW provided a suspended, electro-magnetic separator sized for the belt width, speed, and feed rate.  After foundations where poured and cured, a one-week shutdown was required for installation of mechanical components and structure.  The electrical installation was completed between operation cycles.  As an additional safety feature, guards around the tramp iron hopper were designed and added due to the distance between the magnetic separator and the hopper.

Each installation consisted of:

  • New magnet and magnet rectifier sized for a 72” belt traveling at 615 feet per minute.
  • Steel structure to support magnet including 10-ton trolley beam, steel frame to support trolley beam, powered trolley, rigging to hang magnet, and roofing for the entire structure.
  • Concrete fittings for the magnet support structure and a concrete pad for the tramp iron hopper.
  • Electrical installation of magnet, festoon cables, magnet rectifier, magnet disconnect, trolley starter and lighting.
  • Erection of the magnet support structure and roofing.
  • Technical field assistance for installation and startup.

If your magnetic separator is in need of replacement or you need to add additional units to your conveying systems, contact Richmond Engineering Works at 412-787-9640.

Magnetic Separator Installation