ROOil & Gas Programming Screen GC engineers are familiar with and trained on multiple different programming formats seen throughout the industry. ROGC will adapt programming to optimize your control system for improved functionality and increased production. We are able to take the different control systems found on a site and integrate them together to function as a single system.

ROGC also provides network design to link all control systems together onto a single plantwide network. When systems are linked together as one network it can be used for monitoring, historizing, reporting and maintenance planning. In addition, the data can be used for troubleshooting or analysis for ways to improve/enhance the process.

In addition to PLC programming, ROGC offers Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming. We can build a fully custom user interface that suites your Company’s standards and provides a familiar and comfortable feel for operators. HMI screens are built with a simplistic approach so future updates are quick and simple to integrate.

In conjunction with programming, ROGC offers operator and technician training so they are up to date with new systems and will be able to operate, maneuver and troubleshoot them quickly and efficiently. This training can be offered at our offices or at customers’ sites for more flexibility.

ROGC uses, but is not limited to, the following programming software/languages:

• Allen Bradley
• FactoryTalk View (ME, SE, View32)
• RSLogix/Studio 5000
• RSLogix 500
• RSLogix 5
• Wonderware (InTouch, Archestra)
• ABB TotalFlo
• Emerson Roc/Floboss
• Modbus Communication Protocol (Pro-Soft, Profire, Murphy, ACL-Manufacturing, etc.)
• Murphy Compressor Interface
• GE Series 90