Guiding Principles

At Richmond Engineering Works, our mission is to provide superior service, the highest quality products, quick turnaround time on projects, and competitive prices. We will not take on a project unless we are confident that it can be successfully completed on time and on budget. Our number one objective is to satisfy our customers.

Our Core Values

  • Respect for our Clients
  • Integrity in our work product
  • Confidence in our capabilities
  • Pride in our workforce
  • Meeting our commitments
  • Meriting repeat business
  • Ethics in everything

Our Guiding Principles

  • Earn customer loyalty through performance and efficiency.
  • Challenge ourselves to the peak of our capabilities.
  • Differentiate our company with higher-quality products and stature among peers.
  • Promote a work environment of individual creativity with team collaboration.
  • Conduct business with social responsibility, reliance on character, and truth in actions.
  • Replicate success through proven solutions, Client satisfaction, and industry leadership.
  • Profitable growth through innovative design, skilled workmanship, and quality output.
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