Power Plant Inlet Trash Rake

Project Overview

A Power Plant Facility located on the Ohio River experiences debris accumulation at their cooling water inlet. A cable winch and trash rake system was installed by the facility with brakes and clutches operated mechanically by a system of levers and foot pedals. The old system was difficult and unsafe to operate. The operator was challenged to control the trash rake and focus on the mechanical drive system. The old system is pictured to the right.

The Solution

Richmond Engineering designed and supplied a new cable winch system powered by modern hydraulic motors and self applying brakes. The operation was simplified to a joystick control stand located at an optimal viewpoint of the work. The operator is now freed of the complicated manual lever operation, and is able to focus on manuvering the basket by variable position joysticks.

Trash Rake

A top-of-the-line hydraulic power unit controlled by PLC was designed and installed to power the cable winches. Utilizing the existing basket and general machine layout, the installation was an excellent fit for the facility. As a result, operation time to achive inlet clearing was significantly reduced. The machine operates with much higher capacity and reliability. The operator is no longer fatigued and enjoys a much simpler and safer method of operation.