Please send resumé with cover letter to: info@richmondengineering.com



Seeking Director of Business Development

Richmond Engineering Works LLC (REW) is seeking a Director of Business Development (DBD) to work at our Pittsburgh, PA office to develop business opportunities with P.R China coal ports, power plants, and mining companies. Will also: identify, qualify, and oversee Chinese manufacturing plants for the fabrication of REW rotary railcar dumpers and related products; promote MSHA-30CFR14 certified conveyor belting; manage China MITPs; prepare project charts, quotations, contracts, export-importing shipping, and interact with Chinese customers and factories by creating well-written and well-articulated oral communications in both English and Mandarin Chinese regarding drawings, revisions, acceptance, and clarifications of technical misunderstandings.

Must have (5) years of experience in a related position.

Must have any experience with the following:
i. hands-on factory floor MITP oversight experience between Chinese factories and U.S Engineers regarding the manufacturing of rotary railcar dumpers and ASTM versus GB standards; experience understanding and heavy-duty mining conveyor belts.
ii. business development successes in locating, qualifying, auditing, and contracting factories in China to manufacture U.S -designed rotary railcar dumpers, rotary kilns, and industrial engineered products to international quality standards.
iii. experience working with INCOTERMS and freight forwarding specific to international shipments
iv. preparing high dollar bid documents, contract negotioations, product manufacturing audits with specific on-site MITP management and reporting together with compliance acceptance of steel weldment fabrications, large diameter rotary kilns, steel tires, girth gears, trunnions, and pinions
v. factoring taught construction of fabric, steel cord, and pipe conveyor belt manufacturing specific to Carcass Properties & Performance, MSHA-30CFR14, and vulcanizing of steel cord belting with pre-core splice kits
vi. at-factory working interface with manufacturers of electrical control systems for railway or rotary railcar dumpers.

Must also be fluent (reading, writing, and speaking) in Mandarin Chinese.

Send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to Richmond Engineering Works, 1601 Parkway View Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, Attn: Mr. Mark Judy, President.