Mechanical, Structural & Electrical Upgrades

Mechanical and Structural upgrades compliment Electrical and Controls upgrades, Machine Inspections, Engineered Parts, Hydraulic Upgrades and Retrofits, Engineering Studies, Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting. Our PE certified engineers with over a 100 man-years of bulk material handling experience can determine the failure and find an economical solution to your problem.

Upgrade to a PLC-based Control System to replace the old style electro­mechanical relay controls. In addition to saving space and increasing system reliability, a PLC offers features such as remote communication, diagnostic capability, and the ability to interface with the plant DCS system. It is proven that a PLC-based control system is more economical than a DCS-based control system for coal yard operation.

A new HMI Operator Station will give operations a central location for monitoring and controlling yard operations. Remote MMI Stations can also be incorporated giving plant personnel viewing access (but not control) from multiple locations within the yard. Maintenance can use the same MMI stations to help troubleshoot and pinpoint the exact location of a problem. This will drastically reduce the time and duration of a repair.

By replacing chain driven gearboxes with direct drive motor/gearbox assembly, increased reliability of the conveyor system will be realized. In addition, no time will be spent repairing, replacing, and greasing the drive chain. The current sensors on the new motor will enable the operators to monitor motor amp draw and prevent an unexpected motor failure.

We can design and upgrade a new Warning and Safety System, including Warning Lights and Horns, Belts, Alignment Switches, and Pull Cords.

By using Fiber Optic Communications and Radio Modems, all of the coal yard operations and monitoring can be centrally located. This could include every process from where coal enters the plant to the bunker filling operations.