Rail Car Positioners

Using a locomotive to position cars into the dumper can be slow, inefficient and inaccurate. A better solution is to employ an indexing positioner to move cars into the dumper. Railcar positioners help reduce or eliminate demurrage fees commonly associated with inefficient or slow unloading methods at export terminals, trans-load facilities, power plants and manufacturing facilities. At Richmond Engineering Works, we offer a wide variety of train and railcar positioners, which include rack and pinion gear or wire rope drive for pulling capacities up to 400,000 lbs (largest in the USA). We also provide smaller, hydraulically driven 30 car train positioners that travel in between the tracks. Complete systems include various train holding devices such as holding arms, truck locks, wheel chocks and retarders.

No matter what your specifications, we will provide a positioner designed for continual, heavy duty service with high reliability and maintenance friendly features. Our designs are innovative and include the latest technological features to meet all your requirements and increase overall machine productivity.  Review our Railcar Dumper and Train Positioner Brochure for further details.

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Train Car Positioner

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train car positioners