Continuous Barge Unloaders

A continuous barge unloader (CBU) is a system of buckets set up on a chain. This provides for fast unloading of a barge onto a conveyor and into the coal yard. CBU’s can be a single ladder or twin ladder. REW provides a variety of electrical, structural, and mechanical upgrades for CBUs. Upgrades are designed to meet customer’s specific needs for a smoother, more efficient operation and extended machine life.

Upgrades and Features may include:


  • Upgrade to a PLC-Based Control System for improved reliability and increased operator diagnostic capability.
  • A new HMI/MMI that will give the plant and operator better control of the machine, the ability to monitor the condition of the machine and the ability to see virtually all machine functions from a single location. This aids in operation, maintenance and overall safety.
  • Replace DC drives and wound rotor motors with the latest technology of digital drives and motors for a smoother operation.
  • A new Operator’s Cab for better visibility, modern controls and more room for a safer operation.
  • A new Operator’s Chair that is ergonomically designed with new joystick controls designed into the chair to help reduce operator fatigue, allowing operators to work safer.
  • Incorporate new festoon for more reliable operation.
  • Replace obsolete gear boxes with state of the art technology.
  • Upgrade all brakes for improved stopping and starting.
  • Install new buckets and chain for continued machine life.
  • A new barge haul drive.
  • Upgrade barge haul controls for smoother operation and the elimination of motor over-speed.
  • Dual equalized trolley travel wheels.  Replaces single trolley wheels and significantly reduces wheel loads and contact stresses in rails and girders.
  • Upgrade buckets with high alloy, abrasion resistant cutting lips and wear bars.
  • Replace boom hoist drums, gears, and drives.
  • Replace bucket chain, sprockets, and sealed chain rollers.  Chain rollers feature flame hardened thread with dual seals to prevent contamination and seizing.
  • Replace hydraulic power units, barge positioning arms and tire assemblies.