Coal Shiploaders

Found in ports and terminals were bulk materials are exported, these large machines are used for loading coal, iron ore, fertilizers, and grains into ships. Richmond Engineering Works can provide electrical, structural and mechanical inspections and upgrades for these machines. We will incorporate the latest technology available to meet your specific machine’s needs which will reduce downtime and increase productivity while keeping your machine running proficiently.

Upgrades and Features may include:


  • Upgrade to new PLC controls to replace old and obsolete electro-mechanical relays for reduced maintenance and increased reliability.
  • A new HMI/MMI that will give the operator better control of the machine, the ability to monitor the condition of the machine and the ability to see virtually all machine functions from a single location.
  • Replace DC drives and wound rotor motors with the latest technology of digital drives and motors for a smoother operation.
  • A new Operator’s Cab for better visibility, modern controls and more room for a safer operation.
  • A new Operator’s Chair that has joystick controls built into the chair. Operator fatigue is reduced, allowing operators to work safer.
  • Replace travel trucks.
  • Upgrade storm brake assemblies.
  • Replace slew drives and bearings.