Inspections & Studies

Machine Inspections - Richmond Engineering Works now offers complete inspections for your bulk material handling machines, which include:

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Structural Inspection

Every Inspection includes a complete report with pictures and descriptions as well as recommendations for services and upgrades that will help to extend the life of your machine.

Mechanical/Structural Services - Richmond Engineering Works now offers various Mechanical and Structural upgrades to compliment our electrical and controls upgrades. Some of the new services we now offer include the following:

Mechanical Upgrades – Typical mechanical upgrades that Richmond Engineering Works now offers include electro-mechanical drive systems, car clamp retrofits, trunnion wheel replacement and positioner runway upgrades.

Structural Upgrades – Available structural upgrades we now offer include Structural Analysis, repair and reinforcement designs, upgrades including (but not limited to) Dumper platens, spill walls, Dumper end rings, and all types of bulk material handling equipment structures.


Engineered Parts – Let Richmond Engineering work with you to replace an old or obsolete part, piece, or system with an off-the-shelf solution.

Hydraulic Upgrades and Retrofits – Is leaking or contaminated hydraulic oil a problem? Let Richmond Engineering help you to reduce or even eliminate this problem with a simple solution such as relocating your hydraulic power unit.

Engineering Studies - Richmond Engineering can supply you with various engineering studies to help you determine:

Can your Dumper adequately handle heavier rail cars?

Can your Dumper/Positioner handle longer train sets?

Is height clearance a problem in your Dumper barrel?

Failure Analysis/Troubleshoot Problems – Let one of our PE certified engineers with over a 100 man-years of bulk material handling experience help you to determine what caused your failure and problem and work with you to find an economical solution.