Ancillary Systems Upgrades

In addition to the primary coal handling equipment, Richmond Engineering Works can design and engineer upgrades to power plant ancillary systems as well. Projects typically involve a conversion from electro­-mechanical relays to a PLC-based control scheme with existing pilot devices, actuators, and sensors being integrated into the PLC controller. These systems are engineered to operate independently but can be networked with other plant systems. Graphical Human­Machine­ Interfaces (HMI)’s whether mounted locally or in the control room, allow plant personnel to better monitor and more accurately control the system operation as well as help the maintenance personnel locate, diagnose and correct problems quickly and efficiently.

Upgrades have also included the use of interactive operator stations, AC drives, motor/gearbox, integration with existing sensors, radio links, fiber optics, and interfacing to plant controls through the use of various types of communication networks.

  • Fly Ash Controls
  • Soot Blowers
  • Bottom Ash Controls
  • Dust Suppression
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Coal Feeders
  • Tripper Automation